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  • Insert Valve Installations

    Insert Valve installation on a 8" domestic water pipeline for the city of Long Beach California Water Department. This install only took 6 hours.

    We stock 4”, 6” or 8” for Steel, PVC, C-900, Cast-iron, Ductile-iron and A/C by utilizing interchangeable side glands that mate the valve body to the pipeline. The Insert Valve can be inserted on pipelines without shutting down the system. Valves can be installed indoors and outdoors on chilled and domestic water and on air lines.

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  • Pipe Freezing Services

    Dual pipe freezes on 10" black steel pipeline, with flanges installed, in order to connect a branch connection to this chilled water system.

    Pipe freezing is a non-intrusive, cost-effective, and quick method to perform pipeline maintenance modifications without draining the system. Using liquid nitrogen with freeze jackets we can isolate an area in the pipeline or vessel by freezing the product inside the pipeline to form a solid plug allowing you to add or change out a valve.

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About International Flow Technologies Valve Installations

We, at IFT, have been serving the Americas, and the World, for over 30 years, by providing pipeline solutions including: emergency responses for turn-key bypassing of pipelines, hot tapping, line stopping and valve installation services. IFT is capable of handling modifications to most piping systems. Our specialty is replacing and adding new valves to existing systems without interrupting service and the wet tapping of butterfly valves. These solutions are led by a team of technicians using innovative techniques that have helped define the industry.

Need a hot tapping machine?

Valve Installation Services

  • Hot Tapping Services

    Hot Tapping 1/2" - 96"

    Adding new connections to existing pipelines without interruption of service.

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  • Line Stopping Services

    Line Stopping: 1/2" - 72"

    The isolation of a section of pipe, stopping its flow under pressure.

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  • Valve Installation Services

    Valve Installations: All Sizes

    We can replace almost all types of valves. Read more about our most recent job.

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  • Team Insert Valve Services

    Valve Inserting: 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12"

    IFT performs valve inserting on pipelines without shutting down the system.

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  • Pipe Freezing Services

    Pipe Freezing: 1/2" - 36"

    A simple, cost-effective method to perform pipeline maintenance or pipeline modifications without draining.

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  • Pipeline By-Passing Services

    Line ByPassing: 1/2" - 48"

    IFT can bypass a section of pipe, without interruption of its flow.

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  • Live Air Valve Replacement & Repair Services

    Live Air-Valve Replacements

    Forcemain & Pump-station Leak Consulting & Locating

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  • Hot Tapping Butterfly Valve Services

    Tap Butterfly Valves : 2”- 60”

    The Dylan Cartridge Valveฎ is a patented revolutionary process for hottaping existing systems then adding any valve desired

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